News Archive — 2022

News Archive — 2022

Stuffed animal lying in debris

Shifrinson: Attacking Russia in Ukraine Means War

Joshua Shifrinson and Patrick Porter | Inkstick

November 15, 2022

110122 Miller Foreign Affairs

Miller: The Rewards of Rivalry: U.S.-Chinese Competition Can Spur Climate Change

Jeff D. Colgan and Nicholas L. Miller | Foreign Affairs

November 2, 2022

Jim Walsh

North Korea ratchets up tensions with missile launches

Jim Walsh | WBUR: Here and Now

November 2, 2022

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III meets with Yasukazu Hamada, minister of defense for Japan

Radin: How Should the U.S. Military Share Secrets?

Andrew Radin | Lawfare Blog

October 30, 2022

103022 Shifrinson National Interest

Shifrinson: What Is America's Interest in the Ukraine War?

Joshua Shifrinson | The National Interest

October 30, 2022

Putting out a fire after a Russian drone attack in Kyiv

Don’t Rule Out Diplomacy in Ukraine

Samuel Charap and Miranda Priebe | Foreign Affairs

October 28, 2022

102822 Walsh Responsible Statecraft

Walsh: What ever happened to our fear of Armageddon?

Jim Walsh | Responsible Statecraft

October 28, 2022

Jim Walsh

What we can learn, 60 years since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Jim Walsh | WBUR: Here and Now

October 24, 2022

102422 Fravel Bloomberg

Xi Rewards Combat-Ready China Generals Amid Taiwan Tensions

Philip Glamann and Zibang Xiao | Bloomberg

October 24, 2022

101822 Saivetz GBH

Ukrainians are following the U.S. midterms closely

Jim Braude | GBH News Greater Boston

October 19, 2022

 101722 Miller Foreign Policy 750x500

Miller: Why the War in Ukraine Won’t Spark a Nuclear Proliferation Cascade

Nicolas L. Miller | Foreign Policy

October 17, 2022