Past Special Seminars

Past Special Seminars

Sep 14, 2021
May 6, 2021
Apr 22, 2021

2021 Doolittle award presentation

General C.Q. Brown, Jr.

Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force

7-8pm virtual

Special Seminars

May 8, 2019

Obama’s "Prague Agenda": Success and Frustration

Steve Fetter

University of Maryland

12-1:30pm E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

Special Seminars

Dec 7, 2018

Nuclear Deterrence in an Age of Rapid Technological Change

Daryl Press

Associate Professor of Government, Dartmouth College

2-3:30 E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

Special Seminars

Mar 6, 2018

China's New Strategic Forces: The PLA Rocket Force and the PLA Strategic Support Force: Implications for the United States

Dr. Bates Gill

Professor of Asia-Pacific Strategic Studies with the Australian National University Strategic and Defence Studies Centre and Professor of Asia-Pacific Security Studies at Macquarie University

1-3pm E40-496, Lucian Pye Conf Rm

Special Seminars

Nov 13, 2017

A Swedish Perspective on the New Baltic Security Environment

3:00-4:30pm E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

Special Seminars

Oct 19, 2017

The U.S. Marine Corps in the Pacific: Assurance, Deterrence, and Warfighting

Lieutenant General David H. Berger

Commander, U. S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific

9:30-11am E40-496

Special Seminars

Apr 21, 2016