Bidgood: Preparing for the Uncertain Future of U.S.-Russia Arms Control | 2024 | News

Preparing for the Uncertain Future of U.S.-Russia Arms Control: A Food for Thought Paper
Sarah Bidgood | Perry World House
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"Depending on how long it takes for talks to get underway, however, there is a real possibility that few in either the US or Russian governments at that time will have any first-hand experience negotiating or implementing arms control treaties on which to draw. The likelihood of this happening will only increase the longer that participation in New START remains suspended.  With this in mind, initiating more activities aimed at nurturing a diverse next generation of arms control experts—including through the transfer of knowledge from seasoned practitioners to newer entrants by means of meetings and events, oral history projects, and activities like arms control simulations—would constitute a major contribution to international security that can and should be pursued today. While this is, admittedly, a long-term game, there is little point in implementing the other measures identified here if there is no one to operationalize them when the time is right."

-SSP Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow Sarah Bidgood in Perry World