News Archive — 2024

News Archive — 2024

Jim Walsh

Iran blames Israel for attack on Iranian consulate in Syria

Jim Walsh | WBUR: Here and Now

April 2, 2024

Night view of Moscow highway, Russia

What to Make of the ISIS-K Attack on Moscow

Daniel Byman | Lawfare

March 27, 2024

US Secretary of Defense Llyod Austin with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy

Social Science of War: Why Defense Reform in Ukraine is Crucial

Alexandra Chinchilla | Modern War Institute

March 25, 2024

A man watching a flotable raft of refugees

Arriving at a Crossroads: Can Europe Avoid Replaying the Policy Failures of the 2014-16 Migration Crisis?

Kelly M. Greenhill and Hugo Brady | Georgetown Journal of International Affairs

March 21, 2024

Palestinians carry out search and rescue operations among rubble after Israeli airstrikes

Will Gaza Ever Recover?

Daniel Byman | Foreign Policy

March 11, 2024

submarine in the water

Climate Change and Military Power: Hunting for Submarines in the Warming Ocean

Andrea Gilli, Mauro Gilli, Antonio Ricchi, Aniello Russo, Sandro Carniel | Texas National Security Review

March 1, 2024

People wander through the devastated area in Gaza

The Devastation of Gaza Was Inevitable

Barry R. Posen | Foreign Policy

February 14, 2024

Jim Walsh

Tensions increase in Middle East amid U.S. airstrikes

Jim Walsh | WBUR: Here and Now

February 9, 2024

Two men arrested by Polish authorities

Russia, Ukraine, and organized crime and illicit economies in 2024

Vanda Felbab-Brown and Diana Paz García | Brookings

February 6, 2024

Kelly M. Greenhill headshot

The Weaponization of Migration

Kelly M. Greenhill | World Affairs Council of New Hampshire

January 18, 2024