SSP Alumni

Launched in 2006, the SSP Alumni initiative looks to build a vibrant alumni organization to serve our past and present students. Over the past few years, initiative efforts have included an expanded series of Early Warning newsletters, a drive to increase alumni presence at the weekly Wednesday Seminar Series, and the biennial SSP Alumni Reunion in Washington, D.C. In addition, we are continuing to publish Alumni Profiles, a series of interviews with former SSP members highlighting their work and accomplishments since leaving SSP.

One of our goals is to link up current students with alumni and help current students obtain internships in their desired areas of research. The growing initiative thereby promises to strengthen the sense of community between successive generations of SSP alums and current SSP members, and broaden the SSP family. Thus, regardless of where you reside, you can keep abreast of developments back in Cambridge and know that you are always welcome to stroll the corridors of SSP!

With the launch of the new initiative, we formed two new endowments designed to foster SSP development: the SSP Founders’ Fund to recognize the efforts of Jack Ruina, William Kaufmann, and George Rathjens in SSP’s formative years, and the SSP Directors’ Fund to acknowledge the contributions of subsequent SSP leaders such as Harvey Sapolsky.

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