Obama’s "Prague Agenda": Success and Frustration | 2019 | Events

Obama’s "Prague Agenda": Success and Frustration
Steve Fetter
University of Maryland
May 8, 2019
E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

Steve Fetter worked in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy during the first three and last two years of the Obama administration. In the first period he participated in the internal discussions that defined the administration’s nuclear policy; in the latter period he took part in the final push to make progress on what became known as “the Prague agenda.” He will review the key successes and failures in President Obama’s attempt to revise U.S. nuclear weapon policy and lessons that can be learned for a future administration that seeks to reduce nuclear risks.

This talk is being presented by the Laboratory for Nuclear Security and Policy. The MIT Security Studies Program is co-sponsoring this event.