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Jim Walsh is a Senior Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Security Studies Program (SSP). Walsh’s research and writings focus on international security, and in particular, topics involving nuclear weapons. Walsh has testified before the United States Senate and House of Representatives on topics relating to nuclear terrorism, Iran, and North Korea. He is one of the relatively small number of Americans who have travelled to both Iran and North Korea for talks with officials about nuclear issues. His recent writings include,"The Implications of the JCPOA for Future Verification Arrangements (including the DPRK)," "The Digital Communications Revolution: Lessons for the Nuclear Policy Community," and “Laser Enrichment and Proliferation: Assessing Future Risks.”  

He is the international security contributor to the NPR program “Here and Now,” and his comments and analysis have appeared in the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and numerous other national and international media outlets. Before coming to MIT, Walsh was Executive Director of the Managing the Atom project at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a visiting scholar at the Center for Global Security Research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. He has taught at both Harvard University and MIT. Dr. Walsh received his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.





Publications|Selected Publications

Jim Walsh, “What ever happened to our fear of Armageddon?” Responsible Statecraft, October 28, 2022

Jim Walsh, "The Digital Communications Revolution: Lessons for the Nuclear Policy Community," June 2020

Jim Walsh, "4 Things That Will Happen If Kim Jong-Un Died," The National Interest, May 8, 2020.

Jim Walsh, "How Donald Trump pushed Iran to the Bomb," op-ed, CNN, July 11, 2019.

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Jim Walsh, "Is Trump's Meeting With Kim Jong Un A Good Idea?" op-ed, WBUR's Cognoscenti, March 13, 2018.

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Jim Walsh, "Your Beliefs About Terrorism And Islam Are A Hot Mess Of Myth And Illogic," op-ed, WBUR's Cognoscenti, June 21, 2016.

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Jim Walsh, “Iran Terror Financing and the Tax Code,” Written statement for the hearing before the House Committee on Ways and Means, Oversight Subcommittee, United States House of Representatives.  November 4, 2015.  Washington, DC: US Congress. 2015.

Jim Walsh, The Iran-North Korea Strategic Allliance, Testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, July 28, 2015.

Jim Walsh, “Evaluating Key Components of a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action With Iran,” Written statement for the hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, United States Senate.  June 25, 2015.  Washington, DC: US Congress. 

William Luers, Thomas R. Pickering, and Jim Walsh, "For a New Approach to Iran," The New York Review of Books, August 15, 2013.

Jim Walsh, "Security Assurances and Iran: Assessment and Re-conceptualization,” in Jeffrey W. Knopf, ed., Security Assurances and Nuclear Nonproliferation, Stanford University Press, 2012.

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