The Israel-Gaza crisis - Brookings experts weigh in | 2023 | News

The Israel-Gaza crisis
Brookings experts weigh in
Jeffrey Feltman, Sharan Grewal, Patricia M. Kim, Tanvi Madan, Suzanne Maloney, Amy J. Nelson, Michael E. O’Hanlon, Bruce Riedel, Natan Sachs, Natalie Sambhi, Jaganath Sankran, Caitlin Talmadge, and Andrew Yeo | Brookings
Israeli soldiers gather after the alert of an apparent security incident

In the wake of the atrocities and war this week in Israel and the Gaza Strip, Brookings Foreign Policy scholars weigh in on the ongoing crisis, offering remarks on different angles of the crisis and the policy questions going forward.


"Going forward, questions of escalation loom large, both in terms of the level of violence in Israel’s response and in terms of whether the conflict will spread to other fronts or draw in additional actors."

--SSP Professor Caitlin Talmadge in Brookings