Pollmann: Japan Takes Another Step Toward Expanding Defense Exports | 2023 | News

Japan Takes Another Step Toward Expanding Defense Exports
The LDP-Komeito coalition is working to overcome internal differences on loosening the existing restrictions.
Mina Pollman | The Diplomat
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"While the LDP and Komeito have staked out their respective positions in ways that should not surprise any observer of contemporary Japanese defense policy debates, it is unclear when consensus will be reached. Yomiuri Shimbun quoted a Komeito official saying, 'It would be best to avoid drawing any in-depth conclusions before the dissolution of the House of Representatives, which could take place in autumn.' 

From the perspective of Komeito’s electoral prospects, it may indeed be desirable to push off discussions that will turn off pacifist Komeito voters until later. (Though it is interesting to note that the LDP is concerned about whether Komeito will remain true as a coalition partner.) However, from the perspective of democratic accountability, these discussions – alongside discussions over how to fund Japan’s defense build-up – should take place before the voting, so that voters can make an informed decision about their country’s future."

--SSP Phd candidate Mina Pollmann in The Diplomat