Training the Covid-19 Cohort | 2020 | News

Training the Covid-19 Cohort: Adapting and Preserving Social Science Research
Fotini Christia

Fotini Christia and J. Chappell Lawson -- commentary on the Social Science Research Council website, July 30, 2020.






For “Covid-19 and the Social Sciences,” Fotini Christia and Chappell Lawson address changes in research and impacts of the pandemic on fieldwork. They trace the shifts in research focus that it has produced and find opportunities in newly broadened methodologies, but warn of the dangers of neglecting non-Covid research and the traditional fieldwork that still remain essential to social science. They further outline ways to support the “Covid-19 cohort”—graduate students whose research has been undermined or transformed by global pandemic—in order to keep from losing an entire generation of fieldwork-based scholars and scholarship.