SSP welcomes new faculty member Erik Lin-Greenberg | 2020 | News

SSP welcomes new faculty member Erik Lin-Greenberg
Brittany Logan
Erik Lin-Greenberg

SSP is pleased to welcome Erik Lin-Greenberg, Assistant Professor of Political Science at MIT.





The virtual halls of MIT’s Security Studies Program added a new face this summer: Erik Lin-Greenberg joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Lin-Greenberg is a renowned scholar who studies how military technology affects conflict dynamics and the regulation and use of force. He was recently named the recipient of the American Political Science Association's 2020 Merze Tate Award, an honor given for the best dissertation successfully defended during the previous two years in the field of international relations, law, and politics.

Lin-Greenberg earned his PhD in Political Science at Columbia University, and an M.S. and B.S. in Political Science from MIT. He was also an active duty officer in the United States Air Force and continues to serve on the Joint Staff as a member of the Air Force Reserve.

Lin-Greenberg's most recent article, “Allies and Artificial Intelligence: Obstacles to Operations and Decision-Making,” was published in the Texas National Security Review and can be read here. His podcast interview with Texas National Security Review's executive editor, Doyle Hodges, can be listened to here.


For more information on SSP’s newest faculty member, please visit his SSP bio page.