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Japan’s Asian Pivot

Tokyo has come to question its own assumptions about regional and global geopolitical trends. Its hopes for domestic stability in China and for a predictable Chinese regional foreign policy have been eroded, and its leading strategic thinkers are questioning the wisdom of relying on China for Japan’s economic vitality. Tokyo is also rethinking the ways it depends on the United States for security, and is unconvinced that the West can—or will long even wish to—maintain its global leadership. And Tokyo is finding it more difficult than ever to work with Seoul. The unifying theme for this volume will therefore focus on “Japan’s Asia Pivot”—the process now underway whereby Tokyo is building new relationships with regional players and adjusting its own security institutions and capabilities. The chapters in this book—co-edited with Dr. Corey Wallace at the Free University of Berlin—will examine the evolving rearrangement of Tokyo’s strategic focus and its security posture, and will reflect on what these changes portend for Japan’s role as a regional diplomatic, economic, and security actor within its evolving grand strategy. Contributors will include a number of current or former SSP affiliates, including Thomas Berger, Rohan Mukherjee, Llewelyn Hughes, and Eric Heginbotham.