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Stanton Fellows 2021-2022
Christopher Burns | MIT Security Studies Program

Please join us in welcoming this year’s Stanton Nuclear Security Fellows, Doreen Horschig, David Logan and Tamara Patton. You can check out their backgrounds and research interests here.


left to right: Doreen Horschig, David Logan, Tamara Patton


photo: Christopher Burns

Doreen Horschig
Twitter: @doreen__h

Doreen comes to SSP after a stint as the CSIS Project on Nuclear Issues nuclear scholar. She was previously an instructor of “Strategic Weapons and Arms Control and American Foreign Policy” at UCF, and a research assistant for the UCF’s Kurdish Political Studies Program. Doreen holds a Ph.D. in security studies from UCF. Her primary area of research examines nuclear norms contestation and public opinion with a focus on the psychological factors of individuals’ attitudes towards nuclear weapons.

Check out her latest policy brief in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

David Logan
Twitter: @davidclogan

David is a PhD candidate in Security Studies at Princeton University and a Fellow in Princeton's Center for International Security Studies (CISS). His research focuses on nuclear nonproliferation, strategic stability, and US China security, among other fields. He has conducted research for many organizations, including Brookings, and the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy. Besides English, he conducts research in Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Italian.

Check out some of his research on Chinese nuclear-conventional entanglement published by the Journal of Strategic Studies

Tamara Patton
Twitter: Tamara_Patton

Tamara’s research focuses on remote sensing and other technologies related to information and transparency. She studies the influence of advances in these areas on nuclear forces, arms control, disarmament, verification, and issues of cooperation and competition. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton, and has worked within Princeton’s Program on Science and Global Security among other research and fellowship appointments. She is originally from Hawaii.

Check out some of her work on the implementation and verification of nuclear non-proliferation policies