IAP. Contemporary Military Topics. The Age of the F-35 | 2020 | Events

IAP. Contemporary Military Topics. The Age of the F-35 and Autonomy on the Modern Battlefield
Tucker Hamilton
Lieutenant Colonel, US Air Force
January 29, 2020
E40-496, Lucian Pye Conference Room

A discussion on F-35 capability and potential; focusing on the implications of autonomous systems and the way in which they will shape the modern battle space. 

The F-35 is the most advanced aircraft ever developed. It represents shared interests between the Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and multiple foreign partners. The advanced technology that the F-35 brings to bear on the battlefield is indeed cutting edge. However, the real advancement is how that technology has redefined what it means to be a fighter pilot. This implication speaks to the larger narrative of how the human machine interface is re-shaping the battlefield and how autonomy in our war machines increases capability and refines warfighter roles; while posing  ethical and political ramifications.